The original

Litter management concepts

Symbiosis of design and function

The unique design of the user-friendly Littershark collection allows it to fit into any environment. With a bin capacity of 1 to 1,000 litres, it offers everything needed for successful litter collection.

What makes the Littershark special

Unique not only in appearance unique, its features impress too!

Unlike conventional bins, which pose a challenge when it comes to emptying, the Littershark can be emptied easily and conveniently. Its unique swing-out sack holder means, the Littershark can be emptied and ready to use again within 20 seconds. Better still, emptying the bin puts no strain on the service worker's back. See the functions in this video.

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The fixed solution

The Shark Fix comes equipped as standard in the 60 to 220-litre Littershark model series. Other and older models can be retrofitted on site with just a few steps.

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