Event bin

Event bin

CONI Basic – The event bin


The CONI Basic is really tough. This robust polypropylene bin with stainless steel handles will also survive your event.

Litter bins usually have box seats: exposed locations with high visitor frequencies. CONI Basic conveys striking messages, promotes cleanliness and communicates with large target groups. Without a doubt, it can play a major role in your return on investment and covering operating costs. Available in many models and designs, the CONI Basic system knows no limits.

Can be used with or without a 200-litre rubbish bag. Easy to clean and very easy to move. The bins can be stacked to save space.

The CONI Basic can be designed individually. Your community is present at every event and you finance your bins through advertising.

You can order a lid for the CONI Basic bin, if needed. This reduces the size of the chute opening. The end flap serves as protection against insects and against water inflow in case of rain.

Individual styles

You can affix your own labels on the CONI Basic or use our two standard smilies.

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