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Shark Island

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Litter management platform

What advantages does Shark Island offer?

Check the locations and fill levels of your Shark Island litter bins any time and from anywhere. An internet connection is all you need. The Shark Island lets you plan emptying runs for efficient deployment of staff and service vehicles. Analysing the collected data, helps you optimise the placement and distribution your bins. Various other functions, such as proof of monthly emptying requirement per bin, provide valuable information for billing and allocation of operating costs. By using the filter, the respective fill level and individual products can also be accessed.

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Shark Island Ticket

Litter management

Combine the Shark Eye with the solar-powered Press Shark and easily track the locations and fill levels of the Shark Island's litter bins. An internet connection is all you need. The Ticket is enhanced with statistics, graphics and a data export function.

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Study conducted with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Within the scope of a project, litter management was examined for a wide range of criteria in a field test in the municipality of Münchenbuchsee, and then subsequently evaluated. There are currently around 101 bins in the municipality that are equipped with a Shark Eye and which transmit data to a Shark Island on a daily basis.

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Relief that pays off

Here are a few quotes from customers already using the litter management solution:

  • "We use Shark Island every day and can't imagine getting through the workday without it."
  • "Now we can identify overflowing bins and react more quickly."
  • "We also can better detect hotspots and unused litter bins."
  • "Time requirements and travel distances are reduced."

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