Shark App and NFC tags

Shark App and NFC tags

Work logs via app?

The Shark App

Available in the stores

The Shark App is available free of charge for Apple and Android users in the respective stores and under the names "Abfallhai" and "Hai-App".

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Advantages of the Shark App

Emptying, cleaning or repairs can be recorded on the spot, in real time and even with a photo, if desired. Everything via the NFC tag and the Shark app. This allows you maintain an overview of your urban infrastructure at all times, instruct employees on site and enhance work process efficiency. The Shark app is the ideal and free supplement to the popular Shark Island, ensuring the clean and cared-for appearance of your town or municipality.

Keeping track with the Shark App and NFC tags

Create a simple and quick overview of various work steps. Emptying as well as services and other work steps can now be logged with just one click.

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Nothing but positives!

Your advantages with the Shark App and NFC tags:

  • simple and fast order entry and management;
  • a real-time overview;
  • detailed information and the history of each object;
  • Easy analysis of regions or locations in Shark Island;
  • up-to-date digital inventory at all times.

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